The golden age of radio is back!
Take a couple of hilariously antiquated radio plays; add two somewhat over-stressed actors and you’re on the air with Mystery In The Air!

Mystery in the Air!

 And this week’s plays are two absolute corkers: a cracking horror wax museum story and another of the thrilling space adventures of Flash Gordon, set in that unimaginably far-off year of 1986. Yes, with 50 voices and a pile of live-to-air sound effects all performed by just two frazzled actors, things are jolly going to come to a head. But, as they say, the show must go on, if it can!Come see the fireworks fly for yourself in Mystery In The Air! the show that transports audiences - kicking and screaming - back to the style, the fashion and - let's face it - the sheer political incorrectness of the 1940s. Of course, back in those days, such luxuries as a proper cast and a sound effects department were the norm, but in these economically stringent times, it’s all down to just our boys - costumes, sound effects, scene changes, music, voices - they’ll do the lot. It’s a big ask, and occasionally they might even succeed.Starring Michael Veitch and Simon Oats, the results are sure to be hilarious. 

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