To help facilitate the hall rebuild process and to better connect the Tallarook community the following timeline will be updated as information comes to hand. Also the Tallarook Community Notice Board Facebook Group has been created. Please feel free to join.

Tallarook Mechanics Institute contact details:

If you have something to share specifically about the hall rebuild please send an email to:

Mitchell Shire Council contact details:

Jo Wilson is Manager Community Strengthening looking after the full rebuild project. Jo can be reached on 5734 6390 or email 

Gary Nugent is the Senior Project Manager in charge of the rebuild you can reach him 5734 6308 or email

Chronological Order

Next community meetings:

Ric Zen from Zen Architects has been appointed to the project.

There will be a community engagement meeting with the architect and builder on Saturday 12 January 2019 at 11am.  Further details of this meeting will be forthcoming.  


Saturday 8th December at 11am there will be a community update for anyone who may be interested.  This meeting will be held in the dining room at the Tallarook Hotel.


16 October


  • Quotation brief and specifications developed and finalised – Thursday 25 October 2018

  • Quotation brief and specifications sent out to six architects requesting quotation for the project – Friday 26 October 2018

  • Request for quotation closes – 9 November 2018

  • Council reviews all submissions and provides confidential submission summary to nominated members from Tallarook Community – 14 November 2018

  • Advice from nominated members from Tallarook Community –19 November 2018

  • Successful architect appointed – 20 November 2018

  • Architect, builder and engineer to meet – 21-23 November 2018

  • Community engagement session – 1 December 2018

28 August 

Representatives from the insurance company attended and explained the process - Cathal Kenny was the insurance rep. Bay Building Group were also represented and handed out case study information on previous experience. Other invited guests were also present including David Turnball Mitchell Shire Council CEO.

14 August

At this meeting there were a number of things discussed:

  • Results from the community survey regarding what is important to be incorporated as part of the re-build

  • Potential timelines for build completion 

  • Some suggested designs 

  • A potential date to meet a representative from the insurance company with the CEO of Mitchell Shire present



5 August

Paper surveys handed out at the Tallarook Farmers market by Mitchell Shire Council staff and Councillors Rhonda Sanderson and Bill Chisholm. Anyone who wishes to submit a paper copy can drop off at the Tallarook General Store or any Mitchell Shire office.


17 July

As an outcome of the meeting of this meeting a survey has been sent out both electronically and made available in paper form to the Tallarook Community. 

Complete the survey by 10 August 2018 (click this link)

The introduction to the survey reads:

One of the key rebuilding steps is the need to prepare some basic concept sketches before we can progress to the next stage of having architect plans developed.

These architectural plans will be used as the basis to form more detailed documentation when we seek quotes for rebuilding.

This sketch/concept plan will also assist us in discussions with the insurers about whether we want them to manage the rebuild or whether a cash payout is preferred, with Council then managing the rebuilding process.

Your input now will help create concept sketches which we can seek further community input on before finalising plans and deciding on whether to get the insurers to rebuild.


Email from Jo Wilson 9 July 2018

Kellie Vise has been successful in gaining a position with another organisation and is leaving Mitchell Shire. I will therefore be stepping back in to assist with the community engagement and re-build process with Gary Nugent and Buffy Leadbeater.


We will also be developing a broader community engagement plan that will assist us to get the broader Tallarook Community’s views on the process, which we will discuss at next week’s meeting.  I will also provide an update on the insurance and moving forward from there.

3 July 


  • Overview of insurance policy discussions - Kellie

  • Overview of site condition assessment – Tim (Engineering Manager)

  • TMI Halls tour report/presentation -for a copy of this presentation and notes email

  • Workshop session – including ideas for principles, governance and high level needs – led by Buffy Leadbeater (community development coordinator)

  • Wrap up and next steps

26 June - Bus trip to local halls

11am – Depart Tallarook for Clonbinane

11:30am – 12:00pm – Tour Clonbinane Hall

12:00pm – Depart Clonbinane Hall for Reedy Creek Hall

12:30pm – 1:00pm – Tour Reedy Creek Hall

1:00pm - Depart Reedy Creek Hall for Broadford Living and Learning Centre

1:30pm – 2:15pm – Lunch and tour Broadford Living and Learning Centre

2:15pm – Depart Broadford Living and Learning Centre for Broadford RSL

2:15pm – 2:45pm – Tour Broadford RSL

2:45pm – Depart Broadford for Tallarook.

29 May - Jo Wilson has summarised the meeting:

Please find below an outline of the discussions and future actions.



Demolition and Salvaging Process:

  • Ryan Elliot (MSC Municipal Building Surveyor) gave an outline of the demolition process and the items that were able to be salvaged.  Unfortunately the bulk of the building and its fabric were destroyed in the fire and only minimal items could be retained.  These are stored in the shipping container on the site.  A cataloguing process will be undertaken over the coming weeks.


Insurance Update:

  • Jo Wilson (MSC Municipal Recovery Manager) provided an update on the insurance and re-build process.

    • At this point advice is that insurance will be like for like – meaning that the insurance will provide a like for like building that is of the same footprint of the original building.  The community expressed it would be more preferable to have a quoted amount that is paid out to MSC so that everyone knows what the budget is to work with.  Further clarification will be sought regarding this


Re-build Process

  • Jo introduced Kellie Vise (Manager, Active Communities) who will lead the actual re-build process

  • Community raised concerns about the drainage on site, stating that this is what is causing the flooding issues on site.  Discussions to be held with MSC Engineering Department and a site assessment to be undertaken

  • Community suggested the opportunity for a full brainstorming process to gather ideas about the future needs of the site and what needs to be included in the re-build

  • Community would like the opportunity to view similar buildings to get ideas for the re-build



  • Road trip to be organised to view similar buildings to get ideas for future re-build

    • To occur within next three weeks

    • The date for the bus tour is planned for Tuesday 26 June between 9 -3pm. Expressions of interest to attend have been sent out and RSVP's needs by 4 June at 5pm. If interested to attend contact Stephanie Over from Council on 5734 6200

  • Brainstorming Session 

    • To occur within one fortnight of the road trip

  • Council follow up prior to next meeting

    • Insurance – confirmation of process

    • Site drainage issues

    • Other designs (floor plans and photos)

    • Survey to be developed from the brainstorming session to prioritise suggestions


16 May - donation from Nagambie Light Weights

A donation of $243 was given to TMI to assist the Seniors Strength Gym group. The TMI are grateful for the support of our neighbours.

15 May - Community meeting

Jaclyn Symes MP addressed the attendees and noted that the Tallarook Farmers market was her local market which she attends regularly with her family. The hall was also important to her. Jaclyn was pleased to announce a commitment of  $200,000 from the Victorian Government to assist in the rebuild. This is on top of the building insurance. 

An update on the demolition works was provided by Jo Wilson and that more information on the building insurance claim would be available in 2-3 weeks.

We were invited to think about some key points to help in the rebuild.

1. Site location of the new hall
2. Function of the facility, critical uses

If you have ideas you wish to share please send Jo Wilson (contact details above) your thoughts.

Colin Davidson from TMI also addressed the attendees explaining that the contents of the hall was not insured and estimates was around the $50,000+ mark.

10 May - Demolition works commenced

High winds forecast. Works to make the site safe commenced. Note from Mitchell Shire Council - 

Sadly, we've had confirmation from an independent structural engineer that the historic Tallarook Mechanics Institute will need to be demolished after it was badly damaged by fire on the weekend. We shared the sad news at a community meeting on Tuesday night where we also heard from the CFA and the Committee of Management. We're holding another meeting on Tuesday 15 May to keep the conversation going, to start to talk a little bit more about next steps and rebuilding and to provide an update on the demolition and salvage plans.
All welcome.

9 May - Seniors Strength Gym

A plea for replacement equipment was placed on social media earlier in the week. Generous offers of assistance were received from the community. Today, we were informed by Mitchell Shire Council that the equipment would be replaced by them. Together with existing equipment collected from Avenel the Seniors Strength gym will resume very quickly.

8 May - Community Meeting held at Tallarook Recreation Reserve Pavilion. It was estimated that 80 to 100 people attended. Mitchell Shire Council (MSC) led the meeting.

Facilitator - Mary Agostino (MSC Director Advocacy and Community Services)

Reports were made by:

MSC - Cr Rhonda Sanderson

Tallarook CFA - Captain Jackie McElroy, Pip Johnson 

Seymour Fire Brigade - Captain Bart Chanloup

Tallarook Mechanics Institute - Colin Davidson (TMI Secretary)

MSC- Ryan Elliot (Municipal Building Surveyor)

MSC - Jo Wilson (Community Strengthening)

6 May - The Tallarook Farmers' Market 

With very effective response from MSC the market relocated to Railway Pl, approximately 300m from the hall site. MSC provided support to locate the new site, traffic management, a generator, additional seating and a listening post.

5 May, 2018 10:20pm - Tallarook Mechanics Institute Hall Fire

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